Details of Upcoming Titanfall 2 Content Revealed

February 1, 2017 at 8:32 PM in Gaming News with no comments

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The Upcoming Titanfall 2 Content was announced by Respawn Entertainment. It includes a new game mode called Live Fire which is set to arrive in February as well as a new map coming this March.

Live Fire is a 60-second long elimination mode which is round based and 6v6. The main objective of this mode is to capture the neutral flag. Griffin Dea, the game mode’s designer explains the inspiration for this mode, “Live Fire was inspired by speedball matches in paintball. We wanted to capture the spirit of these lightning fast competitive matches and give it a Titanfall twist.”

He further adds, “Live Fire maps are designed to force confrontation and focus combat. These aren’t reactionary encounters: it’s best to have a gameplan. You know where your enemy is coming from and you must utilize your abilities and mobility to outplay them. If you manage to flank your opponents, you can devastate their ranks.”

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Aside from the Live Fire game mode, which is the very first content of Titanfall 2 for the year. A new and improved Colony map is expected by March. “It’s starting to look great with a new coat of paint,” was all that Dean said about this without any further details.

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Also, available very soon is a huge new patch with bug fixes, balance tweaks and new features, a new weapon, and new Pilot execution. Prime Titans and cosmetics will be available for purchase as well.

Looks like Titanfall 2 is going to a great year starting with this new content. They promised more to come for all throughout the year.

What are your thoughts about Live Fire as well as the new game map? Share it with us in the comments below.


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