Diablo 4 Details Revealed | PvP, Open- World Areas and More

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Blizzard Entertainment shared additional Diablo 4 news at this year’s BlizzCon. The things revealed were during the deep-dive and interview sessions of the event.

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Diablo 4 Characters


The Rogue

The fourth class for Diablo 4 has been finally revealed and it is the Rogue.

The Rouge is not new to the franchise in fact it is a returning class. Rouges are efficient with bot melee and ranged attacks, they are a part of the dexterity class.

We can say that this class is somewhat of a hybrid since it possesses features of both Diablo 2’s Assassin and Diablo 3’s Demon Hunter.

Diablo 4 Dungeon  

3 Specializations of the Rogue:

Shadow Realm – Rouge’s are able to draw in their enemies into the Shadow Realm and cause great damage to them.

Combo Points – Execute a succession of a mash-up of attacks and it will result in more damage and effects.

Exploit Weakness – If you see highlighted enemies, make sure to make them your target as the extra damage will warrant critical hits.

The specializations are unlocked upon completing class-specific quests.

The Imbue System is something that is accessible to Rogues and it allows them to change their playstyle in an instant. Rogues are able to use shadow magic as well as deadly poisons.


Diablo 4 Character


Diablo 4 Challenges

Lead Art Director John Mueller and Lead Game Designer Joe Shelly spoke about Diablo 4’s challenges during an interview.

The game is non-linear which means players are able to go about their journey without a specific order. They can approach challenges, quests, and areas whichever way they would want.

Mueller added that player choice is important in Diablo 4.

“There’s an entry point in the game. Then there’s a point when things diverge, and you have a lot of options about which way you can go”.


Diablo 4 PvP

Diablo 4 does have PvP.

There are specific PvP zones in the game which are called Fields of Hatred. In these locations, players can choose to work together to clear activities and kill bosses or fight each other.

Players can earn Shards of Hatred which can be used to purchase mounts, items and cosmetics at special vendors.


Diablo 4 Enemies


Diablo 4 Camps

Camps that are strongholds of evil are scattered around the open-world of Diablo 4.

Each camp comes with its own stories and enemies.

Free each camp from the bandits or monsters and earn rewards as well as discover more lore.


Diablo 4 attack

Diablo 4 Facts:

  • Each region will have a different look for their weapon types. What this means is that a sword will be a saber in the desert regions and a broadsword in the Nordic regions.
  • Dungeons are endlessly replayable plus new key dungeons will be made available too.
  • Players are now able to overcome elevations as well as jump over chasms.
  • Seasons are scheduled.
  • Combat strength depends more on the skills, attributes, or talent tree of the character and not so much on the items.
  • Treasure goblins are making a comeback to the game.
  • There will be no differences in the PC and console versions of the game.
  • Players are able to opt to use a controller in playing the game on a PC.
  • No cross-play available but cross-progression with PC and consoles are available.
  • The Rogue trailer was completely recorded with the in-game engine. The action moments were slowed down for emphasis.
  • No other information was given about the game’s launch date.
  • Every character class comes in a male and female version.

Is Diablo 4 Worth Buying?

We are not seeing the release date of the game anytime soon and it could possibly launch by 2022 at the earliest.


Although the game won’t be releasing soon, we are excited because of all the promising features it has.

What’s also great is that the content will be the same for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PS5, and Xbox Series X.

We are sure to see more about the game and the hype for it is continually growing with every trailer and information they release.

Do keep it here with us for all the latest Diablo 4 news! Also, we have the best rates for Diablo CD keys once the game launches!

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