Digital Fireworks for the New Year’s With Fireworks Simulator

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It won’t be a typical New Year with all the Corona measures but we can still enjoy the colorful night sky with the Fireworks Simulator for PC. What’s great about this is that there would be fewer accidents and the nerves of our pets would be spared.

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Fireworks Simulator


With everything going on, the Coronavirus measures and all, the sale of fireworks has been banned. People who are wanting to chase away the bad things that 2020 dealt with firecrackers would have to settle for something else.

Good thing the Fireworks Simulator or FWSim for PC is here, and you can enjoy fireworks from the comforts of your own home. The simulator is free of charge for one week starting on December 25, 2020, which means it runs up until the New Year. Fireworks simulator is normally a paid program which is about $25 but for the free trial, you would just have to register.


Fireworks Simulator for Professionals and Amateurs

You may think that a program like this would be a waste of money but it is actually a serious application. The program offers a great way to simulate fireworks for both amateurs and professional pyrotechnics. This program has been available since 2009 and a small community has been formed because of it. You can check out their creations on Youtube.

FWSim has realistic physics and sound support. The graphics also come with a lot of virtual pyrotechnic effects. The surrounding landscape would also reflect the light when the fireworks blow up in the sky. The professional version of the simulator which comes with 2,300 effects costs around $500.

You can get Fireworks Simulator in Steam for the first quarter of 2021. Searching for “Fireworks” on Steam will also share with you some similar programs that promise to be fun.

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