Dishonored 2 Critic Reviews Are Out! Know What They Have To Say

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The Dishonored 2 critic reviews came pouring in right after the game’s release. Most possibly because of the game’s release. Most possibly because the game actually opened with pesky bugs when it launched. No patches were suggested to conclude the issue.

Although Dishonored 2 started out on the wrong foot, it still garnered high praises from its critics on its PC reviews. According to Metacritic, Dishonored 2 received a 92 Metascore from 11 critics for PC, another 92 Metascore from 24 critics for PS4 and an 88 Metascore for Xbox One from 6 critics.

The critics applauded the game because it is a very good sequel. The side quests and missions received the most praise as well as its gameplay which mixes stealth and action critics have found the game to have a very high replay value and of course for added points, are the game’s stunning visuals and great open world design.

For full reviews, you can go ahead and read them in the reviews aggregate site Metacritic. We’ve made a quick and easy infographic below for you if you don’t have the time to read all those reviews.

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Dishonored 2 Critic Reviews

Dishonored 2 Critic Reviews



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