Disintegration Critics Review Round Up

June 16, 2020 at 5:43 AM in Digital Download News, Gaming News with no comments

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We have for you the Disintegration critics review round up! This sci-fi FPS from V1 Interactive is launching today and we have for you a compilation of what the critics have to say about the game.

Disintegration Critics Review Round Up



    • Likable characters
    • Good voice work


    • Sluggish shooting
    • Shallow strategizing
    • Tedious Objectives



    • Strong tactical gameplay
    • Different difficulties


    • Ally AI doesn’t always take advantage of cover and wanders
    • Poorly paced plot doesn’t make a big impression



    • Exciting level design
    • Humour
    • Exhilarating battles


    • story


Disintegration is solid, but uninspired. The gravcycle and squad gameplay that defines it works when it’s allowed to, but pacing proves inconsistent in the campaign and the FPS/RTS hybrid mechanics are only mildly interesting in multiplayer.

– Matthew Olson


Amid the tedium, I had an occasional moments of fun in Disintegration, but those moments were fleeting.

– Ben Reeves


Disintegration is a unique game held back by often times irritating and dull game design and a weak campaign. While practically everything about the world and gameplay is unlike anything I’ve played before, too little of it succeeds in being consistently enjoyable.

– Travis Northup

IGN 6/10

Disintegration’s single-player campaign has some novel ideas and its robot enemies die well, but it never achieves any tactical depth.

– Dan Stapleton

And there you have it. The rating seems to be mixed. Some say that the game design is dull and others say that it does have a strong tactical gameplay. Will you be purchasing the game? Tell us you think about it in the comments below.


Multiplayer Game Modes Featured in New Disintegration Trailer


A new Disintegration trailer has been shared by V1 Interactive and Private Division and it explains what the multiplayer game modes are all about.

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