Distant Worlds 2 Offers A Unique Space Strategy Experience

March 11, 2022 at 7:40 PM in Gaming News with no comments

Code Force and Slitherine Software’s Distant Worlds 2 launches March 10 and it promises to be a unique space strategy experience.

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Distant Worlds 2 is an epic 4X strategy game where players find themselves in a galaxy filled with mercenaries, traders and pirates.

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The game follows the first game but with an improved graphics engine, performance and AI.

Distant Worlds 2 offers a whole lot of solar systems, multiple playable races, a deep economy and detailed empires.

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A notable feature of the game is the automated system where AI can do assigned tasks.

Players would have more control in the game from warfare, research, exploration, taxes diplomacy and more. It can be managed manually or set automatically.

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Distant Worlds 2’s launch date is March 10 and is available for PC. You are sure to get the best deal for the game here at Cheapdigitaldownload.com.


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