Divinity Original Sin 2 Early Access Discussed By Larian Studios

July 20, 2017 at 5:03 PM in Gaming News with no comments


Larian Studio’s Swen Vincke discusses the Divinity Original Sin 2 Early Access. Most games are opting for early access releases nowadays. This allows the makers to do the proper improvements on the game as well as gather funds for it.

Vincke explains that in the case of Divinity Original Sin 2 early access, “it gave us room to give our game the extra iteration it needed. In the past, that was never possible due to financial pressures”.

Having their Original Sin series in the Kickstarter campaign and in the Early Access, Vincke believes, brought out the potential of both. The analytics brought about the actions of players is very valuable to Vincke, “In Original Sin 1, we didn’t have any analytics and missed out on a lot of data because of it. In Original Sin 2, we monitor where people die, what talents they use, and what skills they use, so we can better balance the ones that are underused, make them stronger and so forth”.

The entire beginning of Original Sin 2 was actually changed because of the game’s Early Access. One of the most recent changes was because of the Original Sin 2 community where in which the durability mechanic of degraded weapons was removed. Vincke said, ”To be honest, I expected durability to survive Early Access. But the community was so vehement about it that, in the end, it didn’t. I was surprised, but it is a community decision, I think it is a good thing”.

Divinity Original Sin 2 officially releases for PC on September 14, 2017.