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Release date
April 23, 2013
Official website
Klei Entertainment
Klei Entertainment
Adventure Indie Simulation Survival Horror Moddable ... Open World Crafting Roguelike Perma Death Sandbox Exploration Multiplayer 2D Survival Horror Difficult Singleplayer Replay Value Top-Down Open World Survival Craft

About this game

Don’t Starve is an uncompromising open-world survival crafting game developed by Klei Entertainment, you play Wilson a scientist trapped on a hostile island by a powerful demon, you must learn how to survive in this new environment by exploiting the land itself and its inhabitants do whatever you can to survive in hopes that one day you can come back home.

  • The Game puts you into an unforgiving world with nothing but your’re but wits, no instructions, and handholding, you will die a lot but each time you restart a run you get better at the game.
  • The Game World is Procedurally generated so each time you start another run it’s a brand-new island to explore.
  • Each time you die you get experience points used to unlock additional characters like the fire-loving arsonist willow, the strong man Wolfgang, the lumberjack Woodie, and many more.
  • Enjoy the game’s peculiar art style dark and whimsical inspired by Tim burton’s works, the game also has a unique blend of 2d models and characters inhabiting a 3d world.


Don’t Starve starts off slow and punishing and continues to get even harder as you play. Its merciless difficulty coupled with its monotonous gameplay can leave some players feeling frustrated and bored. However, those who enjoy a good challenge will relish the satisfaction they’ll get when they manage to outlive their previous record or clear the game’s evil Adventure mode.


The feeling of accomplishment when you manage to fend off countless cruel beasties, survive unrelenting foul weather, and fill your belly is potent. Mastering the wilderness is a difficult road, but from it comes a sense of empowerment. Of course, you could still lose it all in an instant. Such is the fickle nature of Don’t Starve.

Bundel Edition

The Bundle Edtion includes Dont Starve’s base game plus two expansion DLC’s.

  • Base Game
  • Don’t Starve Shipwrecked DLC
  • Don’t Starve Reign of Giants DLC

Bundle 1 Edition

The Bundle 1 Edition includes two games in one Dont Starve and Dont Starve together in their base game form.

Bundle 4 Edition

The Bundle 4 Edition includes Dont Starve’s base game and all three of its DLC expansions.

  • Base Game
  • Shipwrecked DLC
  • Hamlet DLC
  • Reign of Giants DLC

Bundle 5 Edition

The Bundle 5 Edition contains a collection of fan-favorite games by Klei entertainment (up to 2020) including their DLC’s.

  • Invisible Inc
  • Invisible Inc Contingency plan DLC
  • Oxygen Not Included
  • Mark of the Ninja
  • Hot lava
  • Don’t Starve
  • Hamlet DLC
  • Reign of Giants DLC
  • Shipwrecked DLC
  • Dont Starve Together
  • Dont Starve Together Starter Pack

Giant Edition + DLC

The Giant Edition +DLC includes Don’t Starve’s base game plus the Reign of Giants DLC.

Minimum System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 (64 bits)
  • CPU: 1.7+ GHz
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • HDD: 500 MB
  • GPU: ATI Radeon HD5450
  • DirectX: 9.0c

Don’t Starve – Reign of Giants

Reign of Giants expands the world of don’t starve adding new mobs, biomes, mechanics, and characters to the surface world. The introduction of expanded seasons to the game, and of course the Titular Giants big bad creatures that will take a lot of effort to hunt them down.

  • 3 new seasons – Spring rains become more frequent. Expanded summer, rain becomes more infrequent, crops need more attention, and there’s more daylight. Autumn is a relatively peaceful season the nights are still short and the plants that wilted in the summer return.
  • 2 new biomes – Desert the home of the Hound Mounds and tumbleweeds also a good place for mining, Deciduous Forest Identical to the forest but spawns birchnut trees instead, it’s also the place where glommers exclusively spawn near their statue.
  • 2 new characters – Wigfrid a stage actress turned survivor she carries a helmet and a spear at the start, she also regains health and sanity when killing creatures but she needs a meat-only diet. Webber is a child trapped in a spider’s body, he can befriend all kinds of spiders and live amongst them but normally neutral creatures are hostile towards him.

Don’t Starve – Shipwrecked

A new Adventure awaits in the archipelagoes of Don’t Starves Second DLC expansion, build seaworthy vessels and sail the seas to discover new and dangerous islands brimming with new creatures, biomes, and items.

  • 4 new seasons – Monsoon season, Dry Season, Mild Season, Hurricane Season.
  • 10 new Biomes – Mangrove, shallow ocean, Medium, and Deep Ocean, Beach, Jungle, Magma Field, Tidal Marsh, Meadow, and many more.
  • 4 new characters – Warly – A talented chef he carries a portable crockpot with him always but he can’t eat raw food. Wilbur – is a monkey, he can run very fast with his four legs, but he can’t speak. Woodlegs – a former sailor with his legs replaced with wooden pegs, he can build a powerful ship at the start but if he’s not on the sea he loses sanity fast. Walani – starts off with a surfboard but has lower maximum health.

Don’t Starve – Hamlet

Discover a lost civilization of pig men in Dont Starves 3rd DLC expansion Hamlet, track down a lost city deep inside the jungle integrate yourself into pig men society, mingle with the pig aristocratic elite, participate in the pig economy, buy houses inside the city, and prepare yourself for the coming Aporkalypse.

  • 3 New Seasons – Lush, Temperate, and Humid. Fog is a new weather effect that appears during the Humid season restricting players’ visibility and slows them down.
  • 11 new Biomes – Deep Forest, Gas Rainforest, Lily Pond, Pinnacle, Cultivated, Pig City, Suburbs, Painted, Rainforest, Wild Planes, Battleground, and many more.
  • 3 new Characters – Wormwood is a living plant he can understand plants better and grow them faster but plants being harmed nearby hurts him. Wheeler a renowned explorer she can find any items she wants with her gadget but she’s overall a weaker character. Wilba is part of the aristocratic elite her mother is the queen after all, but her father passed on to her a dark secret.

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Bundle 1
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Giant Edition
Giant Edition + DLC
Standard Edition
Standard + DLC
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Dora Pavić says on May 31, 2015 at 11:20:41 AM

I got this one on cheapdigital and thanks guys 😀 i love it and i enjoy playing it
Great game

Not rated
Paradi Sea says on October 15, 2014 at 5:40:50 PM

Deffinitely great game,survival mode,it is based on collecting food to stay alive,and rocks and flint to make axes and stuff to get you some woods and grass so you can build a camping fire and build your own shelter to be covered of wild “animals” that are attacking you.. Game is amazing and now the multiplayer mod is coming so you can play with friends,great expirience,you should buy it but leave one for my frined so we could play

Not rated
EsmanBoy Madridista says on August 6, 2014 at 8:03:36 PM

the most thing i like in this game is the way to
challenge the player to survive in a wilderness environment for as long as possible. In Survival Mode

Not rated
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