Doom Eternal Demons Revealed

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Doom Eternal is almost here, while we are waiting, Hugo Martin, the game director as well as NoClip were able to make an overview of the demons that the players will be facing in the game. Players will surely get excited as there are reimagined creatures from Doom 2 as well as brand new ones.

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Most or perhaps even all the characters from Doom 2 was brought back, shared Martin. This was something that the team really wanted to do. We will get to see the Pain Elemental, Arachnotron, Archvile, and Hellified Soldiers. Martin even shared some of the new demons coming to the game which are the Whiplash, Tentacles, Marauder, Doom Hunter, and Carcass.

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We get to see Martin describe each demon and we also get a sense of feeling that he is proud of what his team has accomplished with each one. He also said that he thinks that each AI are “chess pieces” that will allow the players to keep moving as well as thinking. He also contrasted Eternal with Doom 2016 as the 2016 version had actually been criticized because it heavily relied on arena combat. In Eternal, that will not be the case as they were able to put spaces in-between “arenas” that are equally if not more engaging.

Doom Eternal will be launching on March 20th available for PC, PlayStation and Xbox One. A Nintendo Switch release will soon follow.

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