Doom Eternal Reveals the Details of Demons of Battlemode

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Doom Eternal Battlemode  

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A detailed overview of Doom Eternal’s Battle mode has been shared by Bethesda. The new Battle mode is a new asymmetrical multiplayer mode where one player will be the Slayer and the other two players will be the demons. We get to see in the video three of the five demon types that will be available for this mode when it launches. Also, an in-depth explanation of the game’s mechanics of the mode is discussed.

For the one who will be the Slayer, he will have access to all of the Slayer’s guns, mods and equipment. This, however, will still not give him the upper hand is the situation. The Slayer part would still have to manage resources as well as deal with other demons in the area. The demon players, on the other hand, would need to work together to defeat the slayer.

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Also, players who chose the role of demons will have access to different abilities aside from the unique ones that are available with their demon type. Demon players are also able to summon other lesser type demons to help. Another thing that demons can do are to block the resource drops of the Slayer.

For the Slayer, on the other hand, he must kill the demons 20 seconds after killing one of them. Failing to kill them both within the 20 seconds will result in the respawn of the other but this time in half health. The demons have it a lot easier since they would only need to kill the slayer once to win the round. Winning rounds will give players abilities, summons and guns.

This mode will come with five demon types as well as six unique maps. After launch through, we can still expect more maps and demon types for free.

Doom Eternal will be launching on November 22 for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.


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