Doom Latest Premium DLC Hell Followed Now Available!

October 28, 2016 at 6:24 AM in Gaming News with no comments
Doom Latest Premium DLC Cover

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The Doom latest premium DLC has now arrived and it is called Hell Followed. So far, this is the second DLC released for the game. The first DLC that came out is Unto the Evil.

The DLC Hell Followed is packed with new maps, new controllable player, new weapons and so much more. There are three new maps included in this DLC. The first map is Argent Breach which brings you to the ancient burial ruins of the Night Sentinels. The second map is called Molten, here, you will be battling it out in a rundown facility that used to harvest the energy that lava gives out. This is a smoldering hot map since lava temples are everywhere. The third one is Orbital which brings you to a robotic space station. You will be fighting in low gravity so you can get creative with your attacks.

The new player controlled demon is called Cacodemon. The new weapon is the Reaper and the new equipment is the Threat Pulse. Also part of the DLC are new hack modules and new cosmetic customizations for you Marine like armor sets, colors, patterns and taunts.

Doom Hell followed DLC is available at $14.99 or you can purchase it as part of the Season Pass at $39.99

Hell Followed is now available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Note: The Hell Followed DLC needs the base game Doom in order to be played.

Feast your eyes on the Hell Followed DLC trailer below:

In Other News

This weekend, Doom will have a Double XP multiplayer weekend. This actually starts October 28, which is today at 9 AM PT, 12 PM ET and  will end on October 31, Monday, at the same times.



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