Dungeon Siege Makes A Comeback But In The Sandbox Metaverse

March 2, 2022 at 2:41 AM in Gaming News with no comments

Square Enix; newest Dungeon Siege is arriving and it will come into the Sandbox metaverse. The game will allow players to make their own experiences.

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The last time that we’ve seen Dungeon Siege was back in 2011 with Dungeon Siege 3. The game is making a comeback but Square Enix is doing it differently this time.

The Sandbox which is an NFT-platform is working with Square Enix to create an “RPG experiences to the metaverse” through the Dungeon Siege LAND and more.

The partnership of the two includes two complementary parts: the Dungeon Siege LAND, and the voxel characters and items that can be created through the VoxEdit and Game Maker #nocode creation tools.

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Dungeon Siege LAND will allow you to play through Dungeon Siege in a voxel-based RPG form. At the same time, players are “learning best practices for constructing Dungeon Siege adventures”. Also, the Sandbox is said to be perfect for Dungeon Siege because it “was popular with the modding community”. The LANDS are great because it is used to create experiences with both licensed and original content.

If you would want to experience the game, you can register HERE.


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