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What Is the Dying Light The Following Game Code?

It's a digital key that allows you to download Dying Light The Following directly to your PlayStation 4 from the PlayStation Network (PSN).

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Action Zombies Co-op Open World First-Person Multiplayer ... Parkour

About this game

Explore A new rural region outside of Harran where a rumored cult is located with supposed to be immunity to the virus that has devastated the city in Dying Light the Following a new chapter of Kyle Cranes story. Discover new and mysterious characters, deadly new weapons, and a new fully customizable vehicle the dirt buggy. Offer your help to the locals and uncover the secrets of the mysterious cult.

  • Dying Light, the following DLCs new region is larger than all of the base game’s maps combined, rife with zombies and intrigue.
  • A larger map means a lot of walking but with the new vehicle the dirt buggy all the pain of long-distance traveling might be alleviated, but it will need fuel in order to run. With its very own skill tree, upgrades, weapons the dirt buggy is more than just a vehicle.
  • Gain reputation with the locals by helping them out in turn they will give out information about the cult, it’s up to you how you want to infiltrate the cult.

You will need the base game Dying Light to access this DLC content.


With 8-10 hours of new story-driven content, an entirely new map, new weapons, and the simple pleasure that comes with mowing down enemies in a vehicle, The Following is an example of downloadable content done right and is a must-buy for fans of the base game looking to expand their flesh-ripping horizons.



If you’re a fan of Dying Light, you’re going to be a fan of The Following. It has everything you already love, gives you more of it, and then throws in some vehicles as well to spice things up. With an expansive map, a multitude of zombies to kill, and a competent if not compelling plot, The Following is a terrific complement to your Dying Light collection.


Enhanced Edition

Get the definitive Dying Light experience in the enhanced edition new features for the base game and DLC’s

  • Experience the new Nightmare mode only for the most skilled players, Nighttime is longer, and your enemies hit a lot harder and take more effort to down.
  • A new type of quests called bounties ranges from basic, dallies, and community-made challenges.
  • Once you max out on 1 of the 3 skill trees you can opt-in on a new level progression called legend levels this unlocks you new stat boosts, additional skins, and new gold tier weapons.

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There are 2 offers ranging from $19.99 to $29.99.

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Enhanced Edition

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