E3 2023 Will Be Open to the Public and is in LA

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E3 2023 will be happening in June 2023 and will take place in LA and will be open to the public.

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E3 2023 is Open to Gamers

Key Facts

  • EA 2023 will be in LA on June 13-16 and it will be a digital and physical event.
  • The 13th and 14th of June will be for business only; the 15th and 16th will be for gamers.
  • There will be demos, new games and meet-ups with developers for gamers.

E3 2023 WILL BE ON JUNE 2023


The Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3 2023 will be taking place on June 2023 and will be in Los Angeles as confirmed by organizer ReedPop.

  E3 2023 Location  

E3 2023 will be from June 13th to the 16th. Two of the days are for business and the other two days are for consumers.

E3 2023 is returning as a physical event for the first time since COVID-19. The event will be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

The first two days which are June 13th and 14th will be dedicated to businesses only. There will be some quiet areas and booths for interviews, networking, and establishing connections.

The next two days of the event which are June 15th and 16th are for the consumers and gamers. These are the days when the public is able to try out demos, new games and even check what the developers are working on.

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