How to Earn Points From Sharing

September 15, 2014 at 9:51 AM in Rewards Program with 5 comments

Earn Points From Sharing 0915-01

Yes, you’ve read it correctly. You CAN earn points by sharing on Facebook, Google+, or posting a tweet! This simple guide will show you how. Read on!

When we first started our new Rewards Program, users can only share one page/post and get the points for sharing only once for each social media channel. As we are now improving our website with new and updated posts each day, we are incorporating the SHARE option in some of the pages/posts so we can help you get more points and also to thank you for reading our posts. 🙂

head1Now, before we proceed, you have to read this: YOU CAN ONLY EARN THE POINTS ONCE FOR SHARING THAT POST/PAGE. Once you’ve already earned the points for that post/page, even though you share it again, you won’t get points for it anymore.

Also, share links are placed on SELECTED BLOG POSTS ONLY, and will expire within 24 hours. 

Okay, now that we’ve made the most important detail clear, let’s proceed to how you can get those points. First off, you can go ahead and visit our News Page and select one blog post from there – that is, if you haven’t really shared that post using the SHARE LINKS we provided. At the bottom of some blog posts/pages, you will see a section that says: SPREAD THE WORD TO YOUR FRIENDS AND EARN POINTSRight at the bottom of it are three SHARE LINKS: Facebook Share, Google Share, and Twitter Share.

Look for this at the bottom of the post/page and click the share links 🙂

To get the points, all you need to do is click on the links and complete the sharing procedure. After your post is shared and posted on your Facebook/Google+/Twitter account, refresh the page and your points will be applied. 🙂 You will get 600 Points for each SHARE LINK you use on that page/post.

Good luck, and we hope this quick guide helps!

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