How to earn points from your YouTube videos

September 10, 2014 at 4:48 PM in Rewards Program with 4 comments

You can easily earn points from your very own YouTube videos with our Rewards Program! Follow the easy steps below, and you’ll surely be off on a good start :).


We’ve listed the basic requirements we’re looking for in your video submissions. It’s very important that you follow these requirements so you’ll get your points as soon as possible:

    • ContentThe videos you will submit must be about PC games and must talk about gameplays and walkthroughs. We also accept video tutorials on how to join or earn points in our Rewards Program. Your video must be set to PUBLIC and must be your own original work.
    • Time and Video Quality – Your video should be at least 480p and must be a minimum of: 3 minutes for gameplays and 10 minutes for walkthroughs.
    • Audio QualityYour video must have clear audio quality. For videos with narration, your voice must be clearly heard.
    • YouTube Channel – The YouTube Channel where the video is uploaded on must be your own. Our Rewards Team may ask you to submit proof that you own the channel.
    • Video Description – In your video description, you need to include the URL of the game from our website. If the game is not listed with us, you can simply include the url of our homepage and include a short description about us.
    • Language – We accept videos in any language, as long as you provide us a description (in English) on what your video is about.


Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s now go to how you’re going to submit the video to us. Our email uses keywords to filter messages in our Inbox so your message won’t get lost. Unless your email follows the exact same format we’ve specified, we won’t be able to read it. For submitting videos, please follow the email format below:

*EMAIL SUBJECT: For videos with narration/commentaries = Video with narration – TITLE OF THE GAME For videos without narration = Video without narration – TITLE OF THE GAME

*EMAIL BODY – The body of your email must contain the following information: 1. Your username – as it appears on the website where you’re earning the points from 2. Your email address – the one associated with the Facebook/Google account you used to connect to the program 3. Name of the website where you’re earning points from* 4. Brief description in English on what your video is about (for those submitting videos in a different language) 5. URL of your video from YouTube (Only 1 video URL can be included per email message you send. Please do not send multiple videos in one email.)

*IMPORTANT! Multiple accounts are not allowed. You can only join the rewards program in one website out of the 5 websites we currently have.

This is how your email should look like.

Please send it to:


-For game walkthroughs If you’re submitting multiple videos for a game’s walkthrough, you will only be awarded with points only once per game, not per video part you send. -For gameplays Gameplays must be more than 3 minutes long. Any videos not meeting the minimum time requirement won’t be awarded with points. -For tutorials Using the forum signature in a video tutorial about our website or our Rewards Program won’t be awarded with points. The forum signature must be used in a FORUM or a WEBSITE that talks about games. The tutorial should be a minimum of 3 minutes for it to be awarded with the necessary points.


Of course, let’s not miss the most important thing of them all – your points! For videos that are sent with narration/commentaries, you’ll get 20,000 points, while 10,000 points will be awarded for videos without narrations/commentaries.

That’s it, Folks! Earning points from your YouTube videos can be very easy as long as you follow the steps we provided. 🙂 If you have not done so yet, please SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube Channel!

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