Elden Ring Streamer Does a No Hit/ No Damage Run!

April 9, 2022 at 7:42 PM in Gaming News with no comments

Seki, a Twitch streamer has done an incredible feat by doing a no hit and no damage run of Elden Ring.

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Elden Ring is a game known for its difficulty, and being able to finish it without getting damaged is a hard task to accomplish. Seki is the first in the world to do this by not getting hit by enemies, damaged by traps, accidentally falling, or getting poisoned. Whenever he gets damaged, then he would have to start the game all over again. The impressive run took him about 2 hours and 45 minutes and it was streamed live.


Seki did say that he had to practice for more than 130 hours. He claims that this is the first in the world, but some did say that streamer GinoMachino was the first to do a No Hit run for the game last March 13th. GinoMachino did complete Elden Ring without any hits, however, the run that Seki did is completely different.

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An interview with Kotaku has Seki explaining that the “No-Hit/No Damage is harder than a regular no-hit run as the player cannot take [any] environmental damage such as fall damage/poison etc.” He also added that he did not use any buffs like the Red-Feathered Branchsword that could “potentially increase [his] damage output” whenever his health is low.

Seki did share what he did though, he used a dexterity/intelligence build plus a Moonveil katana as the main weapon. To be able to clear out mobs, he is using a Rock Sling.

According to Seki, the most difficult part of the run is when he had to battle the final boss Elden Beast. He had to spend “dozens of hours of precise practice and training” so that he would have the perfect timing for attacks.

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