Eligible Players Get New PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Skins

By Veena on June 8, 2017 Gaming News with No Comments


Starting June 9, new PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds skins are available for eligible players. This exclusive access is available to all Twitch Prime members only. The new skins actually have Twitch Prime branding all over it.

Playerunknowns Battlegrounds

The skins include a shirt, a pair of jeans, shoes and a balaclava with a Twitch logo printed on it. The shirt actually has a “Twitch Prime” printed on it. You can check these out in the images provided below.

The new PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds skins are in line with the celebration of Twitch’s expansion to over 200 countries and territories. So, Twitch Prime members that are players of the game, what are you waiting for? Download the skins at the Twitch Prime website.


Key Areas Available in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Maps

ShatterNL’s is a godsent since this person was able to share a PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds map that has the key areas marked. This is a great resource for anybody.