Chernobylite Huge Content Update Now Available

January 20, 2022 at 8:08 PM in Gaming News with no comments

Farm 51 drops a huge content update for their survival, horror RPG Chernobylite.

By    Daniel  |  Veena


Chernobylite Content Update


The Chernobylite content update comes with a new side quest and a handful of fixes.



The new side quest is called Monster Hunt which comes with three new monsters. The mission is done when any of the three monsters are killed.

The three new monsters are the Feral Chernohost, Overgrown Duster, and Ancient Shadow.

  is Chernobylite co-op?  

Each of the three monsters are found in their unique areas and each one has unique abilities as well.

  is Chernobylite good?  

Along with the side quest Monster Hunt, comes the new patch that includes quality of life fixes.

Chernobylite Patch Notes

  • Black Stalker will not respawn the same day and will now actively search for you.
  • The loot screen disappears a lot faster.
  • Fixed the wrong names on containers.
  • Fixed the lockpick icon display.
  • Meeting with Tarakan blockers now fixed.
  • Collisions on the Heist levels have been reduced so that players won’t get stuck.
  • Some objects in the timeline and prison level are no longer climbable.
  • In Kopachi, players should no longer get blocked.
  • Chernohosts now have improved spawning points at the Red Forest and train depot.
  • Fixes for the Pripyat objects, resources, and carousel animations.
  • Normal movements for Moscow Eye enemies.
  • Death animations fixed.

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