Complete Guide to Pre-Order FIFA 23

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FIFA 23 pre order

Are you looking for a cheap video game? Are you looking for an online seller that offers the lowest price? This process could cost you a lot of time because there are a lot of stores having different offers.

This article will help you on how to use Cheapdigitaldownload to get the different prices of FIFA 23 as well as avoid overpricing.


September 29 Update:

I was able to recieve 3 FIFA 23 keys today! I was also able to rank the three best sellers as well as the fastest ones to send keys at the bottom of the page.

Things to Know:

  • If you find the best price, it could sometimes be not the best shop.
  • Prices change multiple times a day.
  • Some could have payment fees/hidden fees (shield).
  • Pre-ordering FIFA 23 is $25 lower than that of the official website.
  • If you find a promo code for FIFA 23, it sometimes can be used for other games.
  • Choose the lowest offer and be aware of the “marketplace”
  • The ranking of my experience with the best-sellers are available below.

  Best place to pre-order FIFA 23


There are 10 FIFA 23 key sellers that I have tested so that it would be easier for you and you could avoid the hassle.

The prices for games change multiple times a day, just like in the stock market. Other sellers sometimes base their prices on our comparison tool so that they can adjust their prices.

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Check the 10 best deals for FIFA 23 for PC below:


⚠️ Additional Charges and Payment Fees:

If you noticed, sometimes the price that you see displayed on the online seller is different when you check out. This is because of payment fees.

The different payment methods like Paypal or a credit card have different commissions. It is nice to compare these so that you could save a couple of cents. Another thing that you could do is to click on the PlayPal or VISA logo (credit card) and then click on the wheel (parameter) that is found on the left side so that you could see the actual cost of FIFA 23 for PC:

Payment fees to buy FIFA 23  

It is hard to keep up with the different fees because the cost varies by a few cents many times a day. The team here at Cheapdigitaldownload is able to offer you rates that are close to the final cost.

The payment fees shouldn’t be confused with the customer protection or shield of other sellers. This is voluntary insurance that sometimes cost from $3 to $10.

This is actually a choice, however, some stores activate this by default. What this means is that you have to opt-out of it first before paying so that you are not forced to pay the purchase protection. There is sometimes a button that you can uncheck before making your purchase to avoid this.

Other sites sometimes have a subscription system that comes with additional benefits and discounts.

This option is only profitable for you if you purchase a large number of video games each month. This won’t be in your best interest if you just buy games occasionally.

  • The payment fees are different depending on the payment method, the game and the seller,
  • Sometimes the popular formula used for his is x% + $x.xx
  • The purchase protection or “shield” is not mandatory, however, it is usually activated by default.
  • If you are one of those who make a single game purchase a month, the subscription system is not worth it.




For your comparison, I pre-ordered FIFA 23 keys from 10 different shops. This is so that you could compare the prices of the keys two weeks before it launches on September 30, 2022. This will also help you in purchasing FIFA 23 for PC without a credit card.


I left a ranking of the best online stores that I tested below:


Note: The steps for creating an account with each vendor were not counted, however, it may take about 5 minutes to create and validate one.


The best FIFA 23 pre-order key prices were bought with PayPal are listed in an ascending order.


Kinguin  KINGUIN

  • Price Displayed with a 14% Discount Code: ‘$49.02’
  • Real Cost: ‘$49.10′
  • Payment Fees: ‘4.4% + 0.30 to 0.35 cents depending on the country.’
  • Marketplace: ‘Be careful to choose the cheapest offer of the page.’
  • Available Languages: ‘FR/EN/DE/SP/IT/PT/BR/PL/CZ/TL’

Negative Points:

  • ‘Marketplace: Be careful to choose the cheapest offer on the page.’
  • ‘Purchasing without the PayPal button will result in an advertisement.’

Positive Points:

  • ‘You can pay directly with PayPal.’
  • ‘Very easy to use (less than 5 clicks to buy the game).’
  • ‘Directly takes into account the promo code in the price calculation.’
  • ‘No hidden fees.’
  • ‘Shield disabled by default.’

My Opinion:

‘Kingin is an excellent experience – easy to use, fast, and had the best price on the test day. Note that the Kinguin promo code is valid 5 times per user.’

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  • Price Displayed with a 5% Discount Code: ‘$49.59’
  • Real Cost: ‘$49.39’
  • Payment Fees: ‘4% + $0.20′
  • Available Languages: ‘EN/RU/UA/FI/LT/LV/EE’

Negative Points:

  • ‘You must be registered on the site to pay with PayPal.’
  • ‘It takes at least 10 steps to buy the game.’
  • ‘Several problems to register during the order process.’
  • ‘Connection to PayPal doesn’t work all the time.’
  • ‘PUNKTID coupon only works once per IP address.’

Positive Points:

  • ‘Instead of paying €49.59 as indicated on the invoice it cost me €49.39.’
  • ‘There is a PUNKTID promo code to buy FIFA 23 at a discounted price.’

My Opinion:

‘PUNKTID was a bad experience for me as it took too long, had too many clicks, had prices that did not coincide with the final cost, and had an unstable connection to PayPal.’

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  • Price Displayed with a 5% Discount Code: ‘$50.75’
  • Real Cost: ‘$50.75’
  • Payment Fees: ‘$3.49 for the order’
  • Available Languages: ‘FR/EN/DE/NL/SP/IT/PL/HU/EE’

Negative Points:

  • ‘High payment fees compared to other sellers.’
  • ‘HRKGAME coupon is only valid once per account/IPaddress.’

Positive Points:

  • ‘Quite fast (less than 10 steps).’
  • ‘No surprise on the price.’
  • ‘There is a 5% HRK discount code.’

My Opinion:

‘Overall, a pretty good experience with the price as expected, a message explaining the pre-order terms, and almost €20 saved on the official cost.’

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  • Displayed price with a 8% discount code: ‘$51.98’
  • Real Cost: $52.25′
  • Payment Fees: ‘4% of the purchase + €0.20’
  • Marketplace: ‘Be careful to choose the cheapest offer on the page’
  • Available Languages: ‘FR/EN/DE/NL/SP/IT/PT’

Negative Points:

  • ‘It is a marketplace, the price at the top of the page is not the best price.’

Positive Points:

  • ‘Quite fast.’
  • ‘The ENEBA coupon is valid 3 times per IP address.’
  • ‘No need to create an account, an email address is enough.’

My Opinion:

‘Fairly good user experience as long as you check for the best offer at the bottom of the page, and it only takes a few steps to buy, making it a quick and easy purchase.’

More reviews on ENEBA here



  • Displayed Price with a 6% Discount Code: ‘$51.51’
  • Real Cost: ‘$51.75’
  • Payment fees: ‘3.5% + €0.63’
  • Marketplace:Be careful to choose the cheapest offer of the page.’
  • Available Languages: ‘FR/EN/DE/SP/IT/PT/PL/KO’

Negative Points:

  • ‘More than 10 steps, so a lot of clicks to purchase the game.’
  • ‘There is a suggestion page for other products during the purchase (2 clicks more)’
  • ‘Beware of additional fees by default.’
  • ‘Make sure to check what is the best price on the page.’

Positive Points:

  • ‘The coupon is valid 3 times per IP address.’

My Opinion:

‘Too many steps (more than 10), a suggestions purchase page that’s not very relevant, and you must be very careful with the extra fees added by default.’

‘For instance: When you arrive on the page, after clicking on “preorder,” you can uncheck the CPP (Customer Protection Program) to save more than $3.49, then copy the coupon and click on “Go to Check Out.” A few clicks later, uncheck “SMART ON” to save an additional $2.49.’


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  • Displayed Price: $52.57
  • Real Cost: $52.58€
  • Payment Fees: ‘5% + $0.12’
  • Available Languages: ‘FR/EN/DE/NL/SP/IT/PT’

Negative Points:

  • ‘No available GAMINGDRAGONS discount coupon.’
  • ‘Forgetting to uncheck the “Buyer Protection” will cost an additional $4.’
  • ‘No online support for urgent questions.’

Positive Points:

  • ‘Less than 10 steps.’
  • ‘No need to create an account.’

My Opinion:

‘GAMINGDRAGONS has a quick purchase process with visible additional fees and a good user experience.’

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  • Displayed Price: ‘$52.79’
  • Actual Cost: ‘$52.79
  • Payment Fees: ‘$0.00′
  • Available Languages: ‘FR/EN/DE/NL/SP/IT/PT’

Negative Points:

  • ‘$3 more expensive than the 1st price, probably to compensate for the lack of payment fees.’

Positive Points:

  • ‘Simple and fluid process.’
  • ‘Fast process that takes less than 5 steps.’
  • ‘PayPal button to pay directly.’

My Opinion:

‘Great experience, one click to buy, no frills, nasty surprises, or bad adverts. A site you can buy on with peace of mind.’

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  • Displayed Price:$53.59′
  • Real Cost: “$53.59”
  • Payment Charges:2.10%.’
  • Available Languages:FR/EN/DE/NL/SP/IT/PT…’

Negative Points:

  • ‘No INSTANT GAMING coupon.’
  • ‘Possible to purchase the game without final confirmation.’

Positive Points:

  • ‘Fast.’
  • ‘Simple.’
  My Opinion:

‘Instant Gaming is a pretty good experience that’s fast, easy, and maybe too simple. Unfortunately, while doing this test, I was not given a chance to provide a final confirmation to purchase the game. So be careful if using your PayPal account.’

‘Fortunately, they are understanding and quick to offer a refund, so I did not have to contact PayPal.’

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G2A / G2A Plus  G2A / G2A Plus

  • Displayed Price: ‘$53.59’
  • Real Cost: ‘$53.59’
  • Payment Fees: ‘$0.00’
  • Marketplace: ‘Be careful to choose the cheapest offer of the page’
  • Available Languages: ‘FR/EN/DE/SP/IT/PT/PL’

Negative Points:

  • ‘A bit more expensive than others.’
  • ‘No G2A coupon this time.’
  • ‘G2A Plus requires a monthly subscription.’

Positive Points:

  • ‘Easy.’
  • ‘Fast (less than 10 clicks).’
  • ‘Paid options are unchecked by default.’

My Opinion:

‘Easy, fast, clear, and information is well positioned.’

‘G2A Plus is the seller’s premium monthly subscription service, which is not beneficial if you don’t buy several games per month in their online store.’

More reviews on G2A here


K4G  K4G

  • Displayed Price with a 14% Discount Code: ‘$53.42’
  • Real Cost: ‘$54.35’
  • Payment Fees: ‘$4.95’
  • Marketplace: ‘Be careful to choose the cheapest offer of the page’
  • Available languages: ‘FR/EN/DE/SP/IT/PT/PL/NL’

Negative Points:

  • ‘Kpp to uncheck (€7.25), very expensive for buyer protection.’

Positive Points:

  • ‘14% discount code.’
  • ‘Coupon valid 10 times per IP address / account.’

My Opinion:

‘The price before tax is very attractive (best price), but not if you see the actual costs – a perfect example of why it’s important to use filters.’

More reviews on K4G here


My ranking of the best sellers for FIFA 23 PC:

  Top 3 Best shop selling FIFA 23 PC  

🥇 1st. KINGUIN



Remember, this ranking is based solely on my personal experiences.

I focused on speed of delivery, price, and transparency of fees.

I will update my ranking on September 30 to let you know which seller sent me my FIFA 23 CD key first.


These are my  top 3 fastest sellers in sending my my FIFA 23 pre-orders on CD key:

🥇 1st : Gaming Dragons (received on 09/28/2022 at 4:22pm)

🥈 2nd : Kinguin (received on 09/29/2022 at 11:14am)

🥉 3rd: G2A (received on 09/29/2022 at 2:54pm)


4th : Punktid (received on 29/09/2022 at 23h26)

5th : K4G (received on 30/09/2022 at 00h05)

6th : ENEBA (received on 09/30/2022 at 8h11am) It was quite a hassle to get my key since I had to click on several rabbits, do Captcha 3 times, the key recovery system didn’t properly work, and I had to open a ticket for it.

7th : GAMIVO  (received on 09/30/2022 at 9h57am) 

8th : ?

9th : ?

10th : ?


Feel free to tell us in the comments what your favorite online store is and where you rank each seller.

Now you know where to pre-order FIFA 23, but maybe you need help to choose the edition to buy. This article is made for you : FIFA 23 and its Available Editions

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Enjoy the game!