Epic Coupon of $10 Now Available For Free!

December 18, 2021 at 6:58 PM in Gaming News with no comments

Get your $10 Epic Coupon now to be used in the Epic Game Store!

By   Author Merc  Merc  |  Veena

How do I get an epic coupon?  

Get to take advantage of the Epic Coupon that Epic Games is offering this Christmas season. The coupon is worth $10 and can be used up until January 6, 2022 (11 AM EST).

The Epic Coupon will be automatically added to your account in the Epic Game Store and will be applied upon your Checkout. Go and login to your EGS account then on the menu go to “Coupons”.

The coupons can only be applied on games that are $14.99 or more after other sale discounts have been applied. This cannot be applied to in-game purchases or pre-orders.


Get to know more about the Epic Coupon HERE!


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