Escape From Tarkov Suddenly Became Popular

January 7, 2020 at 6:07 AM in Digital Download News with no comments
Escape from Tarkov  

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The MMO first-person shooter with survival mechanics Escape From Tarkov has been available via beta for a couple of years now, however, the game recently became popular in a short period of time. Escape From Tarkov is the third biggest category on Twitch at the time of this writing. There had also been several high profile streamers featuring the game on their channels.

The game had been receiving so much attention because of the very effective marketing strategy that the developers were able to think of. Starting from December 30th to January 5th, players who watched the streams were rewarded with loot drops. Because of this, the viewers on Twitch increased significantly.

Since the game’s increased viewership, it had been featured prominently on Twitch. Many were able to discover the game for the first time because of this. Also, there had been a lot of players making a comeback due to the strategy. If you are new to the game, its RPG mechanics may seem to be intimidating, scaring away its players. But being able to watch the videos on Twitch, could have given those players enough knowledge on how to deal with the game.

Get to watch the action gameplay trailer of Escape from Tarkov below:


Although the event is over, you should still go ahead and try out the game. Especially if you have a thing for hardcore shooters.

The game is still in beta, to join, you just have to pre-order it. Most possibly its popularity on Twitch would go down since the event is over. Escape from Tarkov is available on PC.

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