Europa Universalis IV: Emperor Expansion Feature Breakdown

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Europa Universalis IV: Emperor Expansion

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The Europa Universalis IV: Emperor expansion feature breakdown has been revealed by Paradox Interactive.

The newest expansion focuses on the Holy Roman Empire which comes with new features as well as some improvements to events and gameplay.

Additional customizations are available. The mercenary mechanic has been reworked and there had been changed in the game’s map.

We have the list of features of the Europa Universalis IV: Emperor edition below from the Paradox official store:

  • A Powerful Pope -Appoint cardinals, publish Papal Bulls and gather tithes. The Vatican and Papal Controller now have new abilities to sway the souls of the Catholic faithful.
  • New Holy Roman Empire System -Deal with major imperial incidents that challenge royal power in pursuit of a centralized monarchy or decentralized confederation.
  • Revolutions Revamped – The spirit of Revolution is a contagion that must be either embraced or vigorously opposed. Use the guillotine and revolutionary guard to enforce the new way of thinking.
  • New Religious Mechanics -The Hussite faith has power in Bohemia, Defenders of the Faith have power based on the size of their religion, the Counter-Reformation offers new choices in dealing with Protestantism.
  • Hegemonies -If you accomplish great feats, you should expect great rewards. Seize the mantle of honor for accumulating great wealth and armies.
  • And more -Over 20 new unique mission trees for a variety of European nations, provoke rebellions to deal with a problem now, many new events and options.

Europa Universalis IV: Emperor expansion will be launching on June 9, 2020 exclusively for PC.

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