Experimental Changes To Overwatch Heroes Available In PTR

October 26, 2016 at 1:01 AM in Gaming News with no comments
Overwatch Heroes Cover

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Blizzard has made some experimental changes to the Overwatch Heroes and this could be experienced right now in the public test region or also called PTR.

One of the changes that has been talked about before was the Hero Balance. The community manager of us.battle.net, Josh Engen said that, “we’re currently experimenting with a number of significant hero changes…we don’t typically have the time to try multiple configurations to our hero balance composition, but the extended length of this PTR gives us a unique opportunity.” The said changes are in an experimental period and for now will be available in the PTR. Since it is experimental it is possible that the changes will not reach the live game.

The first batch of experimental hero changes can now be seen in the PTR. It is available for the heroes: D.Va, Soldier 76, Ana, Mei, Lúcio, Zarya, and Torbjörn . Additional changes was also made for Widowmaker, Pharah, and Mercury.

Aside from the individual changes, some general changes were also made. No ultimate abilities will be charged if damage is done to none-players. There is also an increase of 25% of ultimate costs for all heroes.

We’ve listed the changes for the individual heroes here


Overwatch dva
-increase in Mech Health from 100-200. But Armor remains at 400. – there is an increase in movement speed at 25% while firing. Call Mech -ultimate cost has been decreased by 20%

Soldier: 76

Overwatch soldier-76
Pulse Rifle -bullet damage increases from 17 to 20 -maximum bullet speed increased from 2.2 to 2.4


Overwatch ana
Nano Boost -increase in move speed has been removed


Overwatch mei
Blizzard -ultimate cost increased by 15%


Overwatch lucio
Amp-It-Up -healing-per-second decreased by 10%


Overwatch zarya
Particle Barrier -power gained from barriers decrease by 20% Projected Barrier -power gained from barriers decreased by 20%


Overwatch torbjorn
-scrap is automatically generated overtime -scrap collected from enemies is decreased by 40% Forge Hammer -swing speed increase by 25% -damage decreased by 27%


Overwatch widowmaker
Venom Mine -damage has been removed to person who set the mine Widow’s Kiss -charge rate increase by 20%


Overwatch pharah
Rocket Launcher -increase in minimum explosion damage from 12% to 25% -explosion knock back is at a minimum


Overwatch mercy
-avoid taking damage and passive health regeneration will take place at 1 second, which was previously at 3 seconds.


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