Explore, Fight, Trade and Survive in No Man’s Sky

July 26, 2016 at 5:09 PM in Gaming News with no comments

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Know what No Man’s Sky is all about in the following 4 short videos.

No Man’s Sky by Hello Games will soon be released this coming August. Since the launch date is nearing, Hello Games have been releasing short videos about the game. The videos are about a minute long. Each video showcases the featured elements of the game which are to explore, fight, trade, and survive.

Explore the outer reaches of space in No Man’s Sky. An action-adventure game that features procedurally-generated planets. The planets are unique from each other having very different environments and inhabitants. You will be given a vast universe to explore. The stars and planets are countless in this infinite universe.

Watch No Man’s Sky trailers below to learn more about the game.

No Man’s Sky Trailers

Currently there are 3 videos revealed for the game. The fourth one, we will update as soon as it gets released.


No Man’s Sky will be giving you limitless exploration into the infinite universe. There are 18 quintillion planets, each are different in variety making discoveries endless.


With the universe so vast, you can expect hostilities abound. Epic space battles await. Whether it be on the surface of a planet or in outer space, you must always have your guard on.


The infinite universe will give you a variety of resources. Make sure to gather these. You may be able to buy or sell these unique items.



There will be a lot of the unknown out in space. Some could be hostile beings. You must make sure to survive.