F1 2019 Critic’s Review Round Up

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F1 2019  

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F1 2019 is going to launch in just a few days and the game’s loyal following are excited. This Year’s game comes with some new features like F2 cars, as well as having official driver transfers and so much more. You can check out what the critics think of the game with the review round up below:

PC GAMER — 91/100

“F1 2019 retains immaculate handling and visuals while adding cinematic spectacle and junior series racing.”

– Phil Iwaniuk


“The introduction of F2 makes Career Mode a little more exciting, and the racing gameplay and graphics are still top notch, but there’s no getting away from the fact that this is really just F1 2018 again.”

– Rebecca Stow


“F1 2019 is easily the closest thing yet to the real F1 racing experience, making it the most satisfying and complete Formula 1 game in years.”

– Rashid Sayed


“F1 2019 gives you the classic rush of being in a Formula One car, and with gorgeous visuals combined with the all-new Formula Two championship, you won’t wanna miss it.”

– Ben Walker

GOD IS A GEEK — 9/10

“With the inclusion of F2 and an even more comprehensive career mode, F1 2019 is the biggest game in the series to date and quite possibly the best.”

– Gary Bailey


“This is now the baseline for future F1 titles and with its early release compare to previous games and other sporting titles, F1 and Codemasters can feel proud of their final product.”

– Aaron Gillard

F1 2019 is somewhat a niche title and only has a few reviewers for now, but what is posted above will definitely give you a great idea as to what the game is all about.

F1 2019 will be available on June 28 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.



Official Driver Transfers Will Be Available In F1 2019

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