F1 2020 Track Trailer Revealed by Codemasters!

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F1 2020 Track

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An F1 2020 track trailer has been revealed by Codemasters. The track that had been shared is the Circuit de Barcelona – Catalunya.

What we get to see in the F1 2020 track trailer aside from the track are the new tweaks as well as the different additions for the game.


F1 2020 comes with a new MyTeam mode that allows players to be the driver-manager which is a new role. The Career Mode that was seen in previous games of the series will also be available but with additional customizable options.

The F1 vehicles in the game are all recreated through renders which looks good from every angle.

Players who are not so serious about racing have plenty of different modes to enjoy. There will be practice runs that they can do, with the split-screen making a comeback, allowing players to enjoy the game with friends.

The game is also celebrating Michael Schumacher with their deluxe edition named after him. With this edition, players are able to have three days early access to the games as well as get some exclusive content like the four classic cars that Schumacher himself has driven.

F1 2020 Deluxe Edition

This year’s F1 season has been delayed because of the Covid19 pandemic. Codemasters won’t be delaying the game though as it is still set to launch on July 10, 2020, for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.



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F1 2020 Announcement Trailer Launched!


The F1 2020 announcement trailer has been launched by Codemasters. The game is set to arrive by July this year. The trailer is quick with just less than a minute of footage. It featured amazing looking Formula One cars from the official FIA Formula One World Championship series.

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