F1 2022 Official Gameplay Features Trailer

June 7, 2022 at 2:14 AM in Gaming News with no comments

F1 2022 launched a new trailer video featuring the game’s AI mode, physics and many more.

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The current season of F1 has gotten everybody excited! Fans of the video game know that this would mean a new Codemasters F1 will be coming too!

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The new F1 season rules will be implemented in the game with the new aero rules, track updates, and the spirit race format.

The F1 2022 will also feature the long-awaited adaptive AI feature that makes sure that there is competitive racing even if you are at a lower skill level. This will adjust the AI difficulty at an instant.

F1 2022 also offers updates to the physics engine so that the game would be more realistic than before.

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Enjoy a more cinematic experience with the new Broadcast option. Also, there will now be the addition of the automated Safety Car periods and pit stop errors.

An addition that we are excited about is the new F1 Life mode, this is a social hub where you can show off your gear and amazing cars with everybody.

The F1 Life will allow you to customize your own space. This can be done by including furniture and accessories plus of course your stunning cars.

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The supercar that you happen to choose won’t just be used to make your space eye-catching, you can also take this on the Pirelli Hot Lap events.

F1 2022 doesn’t have a story mode this year, however, with all the great stuff available, you wouldn’t even miss it.

F1 2022 is set to launch on July 1 and is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.




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