Fallout 4 New Survival Mode Features

April 11, 2016 at 6:28 AM in Gaming News with no comments

Fallout 4_040816-04


If you are up for a challenge you should try Fallout 4’s Survival Mode. It is currently available as a Beta on Steam. New changes were also made for Fallout 4’s Survival Mode, check it out in the list below.


  1. Game Saves– To be able to save the game, you must now get some sleep. That’s right! You must look for a bed and sleep for about an hour to save your progress. The game’s autosaves, manual saves and quick saves has been disabled.
  2. Fast Travel– Bethesda is making it mandatory for you to explore the Fallout 4 world, as fast travel has been disabled.
  3. Lethality– You will have to deal with increased lethality in the game. You may deal more damage but in return also receive more damage as well.
  4. Hidden Threats– This will make you rely less on your compass for threats as it will no longer be indicated on it (unless added by a Recon scope).
  5. Adrenalin– This is a new perk that gives you an added bonus to damage output, Increase your adrenaline by getting 5 kills which is equal to an increase in adrenaline rank.
  6. Exhaustion, Hunger,Thirst– You can get tired, hungry and thirsty in the game, so make sure to take this into consideration.
  7. Fatigue– When you are fatigued, your action points will get affected.


  1. Bed Type– The bed type is important for your recovery. Some bed types will give you less recovery time than others.
  2. Illness and Antibiotics– You will be affected by illness, but you can make your own medicine for a cure.
  3. Immunodeficiency– When using RadAway it will temporarily damage your immunity and make you tired.
  4. Slow Healing– Recovery will now be at a slower rate.
  5. Crippled Limbs– Once crippled in combat, your limbs won’t automatically heal, you must find a bed and sleep to recover.
  6. Total Carry Weight– The total carry weight has been reduced, if what you are carrying is over the limit your wellness will be affected and will add to your fatigue.
  7. Companion Costs– The carry weight for companions have been decreased. When hurt in combat that won’t be able to get back up but upon being abandoned they will return home.
  8. Enemy and Loot– A location that has been cleared earlier will be repopulated by enemies, loot however will come at a slower rate.

You can find the complete info on the Survival Mode of Fallout 4 in Bethesda’s Blog Post.