Farming Simulator 22 Tops Battlefiled 2042 on Steam

December 2, 2021 at 7:11 PM in Gaming News with no comments

According to SteamDB’s charts Farming Simulator 22 has more players than Battlefield 2042.

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Farming Simulator’s peak player count is higher than that of Battlefield 2042 when you look at the SteamDB charts. The two games only had a three-day difference in release date.

Here are the numbers as of today. Battlefield 2042 may have a higher number of players “right now” but the all-time peak player count as well as the 24-hour peak still goes to Farming Simulator 22.

  farming simulator 22 vs battlefield 2042

Farming Simulator 22 Hits 1.5 Million in Sales


Giants Software’s German sales and marketing partner, Astragon announced that the game was able to reach 1.5 million units sold in its launch week. Compared to Farming Simulator 19 which was able to reach the million sales mark 10 days after its launch.

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