FIFA 22 Player Career Changes!

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EA shared huge changes to their upcoming FIFA 22 game. The changes were specifically for the Player Career mode. We have for you all the updates and features includes.

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The most significant changes are for the game’s Player Career since the goal is to get a more realistic gameplay.


Earning Experience and Leveling Up


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XP is important in Player Career, and these are the ways in which you can earn it.

  • Match Rewards – After each match you get to earn XP. The amount of XP that you get is based on Match Rating. The Match Rating is measured on the actions on the pitch, goals scored, tackles, successful passes and duels won.
  • Training – Complete three training sessions per week and you earn XP. When you finish the drills that are for your specific position, you get more XP. Also, for every training drill that you do for the first time as well as for playing instead of simulating the sessions, you get bonus XP.
  • Match Objectives – Complete enhanced objectives will also give you bonus XP rewards.

Player Growth and Skills

All the gathered experience will give you the chance to grow in the game with skills.

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In the previous FIFA games, the players level up when playing matches and getting automatic attributes.

In FIFA 22, players would have control over how to assign the attributes.


The game’s Skill Tree has a lot of branching paths. When you choose an Attribute for any of the tracks it will make a huge difference to the abilities and stats of the players.



Another new feature is the Perk system which allows your player to grow.

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Players are able to boost the performance of their Pro and teammates with the use of perks. Perks are gained when certain conditions are met.

Perks come in four types that can be equipped. Some are permanent attribute modifiers and some are temporary.

Goalkeeper Perks

  • Clutch Save – GK attributes are boosted for the final 15 minutes of the match which also includes the extra time.
  • Fast Rush – When sprinting and rushing GK gets a speed boost
  • Quick Reflex – Reflexes and reactions are boosted when GK is saving.
  • One on One – In one vs. one scenarios, a five-second ability buff is available.
  • Far Reach – The ability to save shots from long distances is improved.
  • Set Piece Expert – A boost to attributes for five seconds is available after a throw-in, penalty, corner, or free-kick.
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Defensive Perks

  • Last Defender – When you are the last defender, your defensive attributes are boosted.
  • Defensive Closer – In the final 15 minutes of a match and extra time all defensive attributes are increased.
  • Lock Down – A 15-minute boost to defensive attributes is available after your team scores a goal.
  • Cool Head – A 15-minute boost to defensive attributes is available after your team concedes a goal.
  • Ball Winner – Tackling stats and jockey speed is improved.
  • Physical Strength – Ball control, strength, jumping for the ball, shielding and heading it are all boosted.

Chance Creation Perks

  • Assist Streak – Swerving Pass trait is unlocked and a 15-minute boost for passing attributes is available after assisting a goal.
  • Skilled Dribbler – Flair trait unlocked. Increases skill move attributes and dribbling.
  • Set Piece Specialist – Enables the Giant Throw and Set Play Specialist traits, improves all abilities at a set piece.
  • Active First Touch – After the first touch, ball control, sprint speed and acceleration attributes are increased.
  • Threaded Pass – Unlocks Swerve Pass trait and 5-star weak foot, increases Vision.
  • Precision Pass – Unlocks Swerve Pass trait and 5-star weak foot, increases pass accuracy and speed for short and long passes.
  • Tireless Runner – Unlocks Solid Player and Second Wind traits.
  • Pinpoint Cross – Unlocks Swerve Pass trait and 5-star weak foot, boosts crossing ability and accuracy.
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Attacking Perks

  • Distance Shooter – Unlocks the Finesse Shot trait and 5-star weak foot, improves the accuracy and power of long shots.
  • One Time Shot – Improves weak foot and first-time shots and headers. Unlocks Finesse Shot and Power Header traits.
  • Set Piece Beacon – Unlocks Power Header trait, boosts all heading attributes for five seconds during a set piece.
  • Clutch Finisher – Improves weak shot ability, and unlocks the Finesse Shot and Power Header traits. All shooting attributes for the last 15 minutes of a match and extra time is increased.
  • Hot Streak – Improve your weak foot ability and unlock the Power Header traits and Finesse Shot. After scoring a goal, you get to boost all shooting attributes for 15 minutes.
  • Quick Reply – Unlocks Finess Shot and Power Header traits for 15 minutes after conceding a goal and grants boost to all shooting attributes.
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A cinematic sequence is added at the end of matches so that it will be more realistic and interactive.

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After a match, you will get to see your Pro thinking hard about his performance in the team’s dressing room.

Whether it be for a celebration of success or the sadness of defeat, you will still get to see what happens in the dressing room.

New cinematics are also available for transfer negotiations. The cinematics will guide you through the process.



Unlock celebrations, pre-match sequences, commentator moments, and dressing room events with the all-new events.

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Here are the different milestones that you are able to celebrate:

  • 50, 100, 150 or 250 matches played
  • standout debut season
  • Golden Boot victory
  • Be number 1 at the Clean Sheet or Assists charts
  • Break the goal record at a competition




FIFA 22 is set to launch on October 1 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.


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