Final Fantasy 14 Sales Stop Because of Server Overload

December 21, 2021 at 7:57 PM in Gaming News with no comments

Final Fantasy 14 sales have been temporarily stopped by Square Enix because of an influx of players causing the server to overload.

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The new expansion Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker proved to be so popular that the huge amount of players that came to play caused some server problems. There were a lot of players who got stuck in queues and were not even able to play.

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Naoki Yoshida, the game’s producer said in a post, “Players are currently experiencing extremely long wait times due to the dense concentration of play hours which far exceed our server capacity, especially during the peak times, and so we have decided to temporarily suspend the sale and delivery of FINAL FANTASY XIV Starter Edition and Complete Edition”.

Yoshida adds, “Although those with an active subscription are prioritised to log in, Free Trial players are unable to log in outside of late night and early morning hours, and so we will also temporarily suspend new registrations for the Free Trial”.

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Compensation will be given to players who have an active subscription to Final Fantasy 14 which is in the form of additional game time. Previously, players who had been stuck in queue were given 7 days game time, however, they are granting additional 14 days to those who own the game’s full version and has an active subscription since December 21, 8:00 GMT.

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