Final Fantasy 15 Possible PC Version

April 13, 2016 at 6:39 PM in Gaming News with no comments
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A PC version as well as other details for Final Fantasy 15 has been revealed.

The Final Fantasy fans are all fired up! Despite the major announcements that came from the recently concluded event Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV last March 30th at the Shrine Auditorium in Hollywood California, the fans are still wanting to know more information. The game’s release date is set as September 30th still a few months away and fans are wanting to know more. Hajime Tabata, Final Fantasy 15’s director recently had an interview with JeuxVideo, a French website, and has given more information that fans are sure to be interested in. The interview has been translated by DualShockers to English.

A lot has been talked about in the interview but here are the important details:

  • Right now they cannot specifically say at what percentage is the game’s completion, however they were able to make the announced release date as the game is in its advanced stages.
  • We all know Final Fantasy as this movie-like game because of its beautiful cut-scenes, Tabata and the team however has decided that there will be lesser of the cut-scenes but to make up for it, a feature length film titled Kingsgalive will be made.
  • Optimization of the game’s frame rate is currently being done and Tabata and the team are aiming for a balance with what can be seen onscreen and the optimization.
  • The Regalia will be able to fly, you would just have to customize it then simply press a button.
  • Information about the game’s DLC is planned to be released in summer of 2016. They also plan on the DLC on being able to “create enthusiasm among its players,” instead of just being a regular one.
  • Tabata is showing much interest in making a PC version of the game, but he doesn’t want it to be just a port of the console version. “He would like a version of Final Fantasy 15 even more technically elaborate, integrating things that the team couldn’t do due to the limitations of console technology. In order to achieve that, it would be necessary to begin almost from zero, and do research on what kind of technology to use,” according to DualShockers.