Fixes And Updates for Street Fighter 5

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Know the newest updates and fixes for Street Fighter 5

Capcom has a list of the new fixes that they have done in Street Fighter 5. Most of the game’s characters have become buggy especially in V-Trigger mode. Giving the far advantage to the other characters and a very big disadvantage to some. But it has all been since fixed, thank goodness! We have here the list of the bugs and its fixes for you.

Character Bug Fixes


ALEX Street Fighter 5
  • The Overhaul V-Skill of Alex is not negated when blocked by his opponent.


  • The V-Skill Overhaul can now be negated when blocked by the opponent.


BIRDIE Street Fighter 5
  • Birdie has an unintentional throw invincibility.


  • Birdie’s entire motion now has a throw box available, removing the throw invincibility.


CAMMY Street Fighter 5
  • The Fatal Leg Twister of Cammy should not be able to throw an opponent in a crouch position.


  • The Fatal Leg Twister of Cammy can no longer throw an opponent that is in a crouch position.


CHUNLI Street Fighter 5
  • Specifically to the opponent Dhalsim, the Yosokyahu’s first hit will make contact depending on a specific circumstance.


  • The hit box of Yosokyahu has been adjusted, giving the move consistency.


DHALSIM Street Fighter 5
  • Dhalsim’s Yoga Gale has an empty guard box that is placed on high. This makes it hard to force the opponents to guard.


  • The empty guard box for Dhalsim’s Yoga Gale is now set on low making it easier for the opponents to be forced to guard



FANG Street Fighter 5
  • F.A.N.G.’s lower body unintentionally disappears when on the M. or H. Ryobenda.
  • The collision box for M. or H. Ryobenda has been adjusted making the whole move consistent throughout the execution.


GUILE Street Fighter 5
  • When Guile’s Sonic Hurricane hits an airborne opponent, it puts him in a 16 frame disadvantage.
  • An adjustment was made for the 16 frame disadvantage. Now, Guile is able to move first before his opponent after the attack.


IBUKI Street Fighter 5
  • The execution of the move Tobizaru will give Ibuki invincibility while she lands on the ground. Tenrai can only be available when on max charge.
  • Tobizaru now has a hurt box, making Ibuki prone to hits while landing. You can now use Tenrai even though it is not at max charge.


KEN Street Fighter 5
  • When in V-Trigger, the L. Shoryuken’s landing motion will be cancelled to M., H. or Ex Shoryuken. The L.Shoryuken cancels when an opponent is able to jump over Ken.
  • There is an unfair disadvantage to Ken when using his Shoryuken as an initial attack.
  • The L. Shoryuken cannot be cancelled to M., H. or Ex Shoryuken anymore.
  • The unfair disadvantage when Ken uses the H. Shoryuken as an initial attack has been removed.


MBISON Street Fighter 5
  • When used against certain actions the Ex Head Press would miss the second stomp.
  • When Psych Inferno hits an opponent, a very large amount will be gained in the meter of the opponent.


  • A larger hit box was placed on the Hard Press move making it a rare occurrence for it to miss.
  • Psycho Inferno no longer gives a large amount in the meter.


NASH Street Fighter 5
  • When Nash performs his Smi Sonic Boom it lets opponents pass through him when they come from behind.
  • When Nash is in a stunned state, some unintended behaviors occur.
  • The cameras would have crazy movements when doing the V-Trigger and V-Reversal.


  • The setting of Nash’s collision box has been fixed. His opponents can no longer pass through him when coming from behind.
  • Nash’s collision box has been set so that his stunned state matches the correct position on the screen.
  • Fixed movement so that the camera will not have crazy movements during V-Trigger and V-Reversal.


RASHID Street Fighter 5
  • During Rashid’s Flap Spin, V. Spinning Mixer and Dash Spinning Mixer, it is impossible for the opponent to get into the guard position
  • Both kick buttons must be pressed at the same time for an Ex Eagle Spike to occur from the V-Skill Front Flip.
  • Rashid’s V-Trigger tornado passes through the opposite side of the opponent.
  • A huge distance is made when the Assault Beak is used as a counter hit.
  • Cannot cancel the initial jump frames into Altair.
  • Rashid’s Flap Spin, V. Spinning Mixer and Dash Spinning Mixer can now be executed even when there is a one frame gap between the two kick buttons.
  • The collision box size of V Eagle Spikes has been increased, it can no longer pass through the opponent.
  • Rashid’s V-Trigger Tornado, no longer passes through the opposite side of the opponent.
  • When hit by the Assault Beak, Rashid and his opponent now has a normal distance between them..
  • The initial jump frames into Altair can now be cancelled.


RYU Street Fighter 5
  • Irregularity in the hit animation of Jordan Sanrengki.
  • Successfully completing the V-Skill Mind’s Eye during V-Trigger will not let you cancel the second half, so you cannot go into another Mind’s Eye.
  • Normal behavior for the hit animation of Jordan Sanrengki.
  • You can now successfully perform another Mind’s Eye on the second half of the V-Trigger Mind’s Eye.


VEGA Street Fighter 5
  • You can only use the V-Trigger Bloody Kiss-Rojo as a reversal if the claw is on a wake up or after guarding.
  • A reversal can now be executed with the V-Trigger Bloody Kiss-Rojo.

That is it on the list of fixes. Have you noticed any other fixes that should be done in the game? Share your thought with us in the comments below.



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