For Honor Taunts From AI’s And You Cannot Taunt Back

February 16, 2017 at 7:18 PM in Gaming News with no comments

For Honor Taunts Cover


This week’s hottest topic is the For Honor taunts from its AI’s when they kill you. Seen in For Honor’s Reddit, one user named NinjaHawkins posted how an Orochi taunted him after killing him, the taunt was absolutely hilarious with a katana mic drop. The katana mic drop is a great way to slice into the opponent’s ego.

However, this is not available for the actual players but for the AI bots for the meantime. Eurogamer reported that eventually the emotes will be available to purchase with in-game currency, about 7K Steel, available soon.

The taunts are absolutely hilarious like this one, a knight riding his halberd like a horse.

And for the katana mic drop? Enjoy it below:

The AI bots get all the cool stuff! Eurogamer also reports that the For Honor AI bots have really cool names – names that players will surely be jealous of. Here are some of the names given: WhyNotJay, Grey2Scale, DroolTroll, YourNameOnMySword, DroidParty, MashdButtr, and LeftShark.

These AI bots are really important in the game. The For Honor Order System will have players take on challenges that are daily and weekly to earn Steel. These challenges will have players go at it with the AI bots, winning the challenge gets you Steel.

The For Honor AI’s are so cool, don’t you think? Tell us in the comments below:


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