Forsaken: Worlds Collide New Trailer and Launch Date

March 11, 2022 at 1:17 AM in Gaming News with no comments

During the State of Play broadcast, Sony shared a new trailer for their upcoming game Forsaken. The video featured the protagonist’s magical powers plus the corrupted beasts that you will be fighting in the game.

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Forsaken was supposed to launch this May 2022 however, Luminous Productions said that they would need a little more time in order to polish off the game. The new launch date is now October 11, 2022.

You can read the full statement of the Luminous team below:

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As we wait a few more months for the game’s release, Sony shared a new trailer for the game. The trailer features the enemies that Frey will be facing.

Frey, the protagonist, is a native of New York City, and for some reason, she will find herself in a magical world called Athia. As she explores the beautiful yet cruel world, she has to face the corrupted enemies.

Athia houses a wide variety of terrifying creatures like the Gigas (a skeletal-looking creature, that seems to be burning), and a winged Dragon among others.

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Even though Frey comes from a bustling city, she will not be helpless from the creatures. Frey will have magical powers and will learn additional skills as the game progresses. Some of her abilities are inspired by nature like the Storm Dart that is able to bring forth electrical energy when used. Another move that Frey has is called the Eagre, where she is able to create water barriers.

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Frey can also do parkour. She is fast and flexible which allows her to go to her destinations a lot quicker. She could also use her speed to evade enemies. She also has a magical parkour move that lets her walk on water.

We can expect Luminous and Square Enix to share more of the game’s actions in the following months to come.


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