Forspoken Preload Information Revealed

January 18, 2023 at 8:35 PM in Gaming News with no comments

Luminous Productions revealed the file size as well as the pre-load date for their upcoming RPG called Forspoken.

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Forspoken: File Size and Pre-Load Date Revealed  

Key Facts

  • Forspoken will have you playing a city girl who gets transported to the mystical land of Athia where she has to stop an evil sorceress.
  • Forspoken’s download size has been revealed prior to its launch.
  • The pre-load date of Forspoken has also been announced.



Forspoken is an RPG that is about a young city girl who hails from New York. She mysteriously gets transported to the magical world of Athia where she must save it from the evil sorceress.

  Forspoken PC  

According to Playstation’s tweet, the download size of the game is 87.275 GB.

  Forspoken Story  

The pre-load date has been shared as well. Those who bought the game are able to download it starting January 22.

Forspoken is set to launch on January 24 and is available to be played on the PC and PS5.

Pre-orders of the game are still available. Check out the different editions in this article: Forsaken and its Available Editions




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