Friendships in War is Seen In New Total War Three Kingdoms Trailer

May 16, 2019 at 11:24 PM in Digital Download News with no comments
Total War Three Kingdoms  

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Total War Three Kingdoms is all about three factions trying to get control of China. Although that is the case, friendships can still be forged in war as you can see in the game’s newest trailer. In tough times such as war, it pays to have friends that will have your back.

The trailer is called “Liu Bei Launch Trailer. It is more than a minute long and we get to see friends helping each other and picking them up when they fall. It may be possible that we will get to see other trailers that will feature the other two warlords.

Watch the full Total War: Tree Kingdoms – Liu Bei Launch Trailer below:


The game is set to launch next week already and the critics are ready with their game reviews. Total War: Three Kingdoms may be just another iteration for the series with an all-too-familiar formula, it actually sports the best diplomacy system there is as compared to the other games in the series.

Total War Three Kingdoms launches on May 23, 2019.


Total War Three Kingdoms Stream Features Mid Game


Get to check out Total War Three Kingdom’s Mid Game, if you are worried about spoilers, don’t be as they have been removed.