Galarian Forms Revealed in New Pokemon Sword and Shield Trailer

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Pokemon Sword and Shield: Morpeko  

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A brand new trailer has been launched for the Pokemon Sword and Shield by The Pokemon Company and it features the Galarian forms of a few Pokemon. With the series’ new setting, some previous generation Pokemon will also have some alternate forms just like the Alolan forms in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

What we get to see in the video is the Galarian Weezing that sports a couple of Smokestacks in both the Poison and Fairy type. Also, the Galarian Zig Zagoon sports black stripes instead of the usual brown. The Galarian Linoone which is a Dark/Normal- type is now able to evolve into the Obstagoon.

The Galarian forms can be seen in the full trailer below:


Also, in the trailer is the new Pokemon called Morpeko with the Hunger Switch ability in order to change forms and convert its Aura Wheel attack from the Electric to Dark-type. This is a very handy ability especially when you are dealing with type match-ups as well as those who are weak to either Electric or Dark-type moves.

The trailer also features some of the new rival players in the game. One of which is a kid named Bede who is mean-looking, the other is Marnie, a goth styled girl and Team Yell who is an ensemble that happens to be Marnie’s die-hard fan club. Although what they exactly play in the game has not been revealed yet, it looks like they do play a big role in the game.

What’s interesting to note is that the Japanese version of the trailer is longer having something extra that the western trailer did not have. In the Japanese trailer, we get to see a mechanic called “Poke Jobs” that will earn experience as well as bring back rare items.

Pokemon Sword and Shield will be launching on November 15th and is available for the Nintendo Switch.


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