Game Developer Salary in the United States

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Want to know how much a game developer makes in the big gaming companies?

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How Much Do Game Developers Earn?    

Key Facts

  • According to a new California state law, game companies must post salaries in job listings.
  • EA, Riot Games, and Blizzard were able to post the annual salaries of senior game developers.
  • The role of senior game developer could have an annual salary of $134,000 to $247,900.



According to California state law, companies who post job listings must also post the salaries for the job offer. Because of this, we get to know how much a game developer makes.

  Game Developer Jobs   Jason Schreier an industry expert posted some job listings that came from Activision Blizzard, Riot Games and Activision Blizzard. The Blizzard listing for a senior game developer’s salary is between $134,000 to $247,900.   Game Developer Roles  

According to the EA listing, the salary of a senior game developer is $127,859 to $204,600. Those at Riot Games can get something between 136,00 to $241,000 annually.

We don’t know what the exact salaries are as the companies are not willing to post those. The salaries are also different depending on which part of the state you will be working in.

  How to be a Game Developer?  

Those who decide to work in Los Angeles would be paid more as compared to those in Sacramento. The same thing goes for those working in Manhattan, they will be paid more than those in Buffalo.

But it is nice to know what the average salary is for a game developer.




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