Check Out The Game Environment In The Dawn Of War 3 New Video

March 3, 2017 at 6:34 PM in Gaming News with no comments
Dawn Of War 3 New Video Cover


Let’s take a quick stroll around the impressive environments in the Dawn of War 3 new video. Lead Environment Artist Tristan Brett and the Art Director Matt Kuzminski narrates these to us.

The four environments that will be talked about is Cyprus Ultima, Cage World, Starfort, and Acheron. Matt and Tristan will be introducing these four environments as well as give the story behind each one.

Cyprus Ultima

Dawn Of War 3 Cyprus Ultima

The Cyprus Ultima environment is a merging of old and new. It mixes medieval architecture as well as futuristic living. The layouts are unique featuring natural rocksets. Many interesting details were laid out that would make players take a second look.

Cage World

Dawn Of War 3 Cage World

Cage World is an alien environment that is quite disorienting. This unique world is made up of interconnecting blocks. It may look like a destructive place but it does have a certain appeal that would make players want to come back.


Dawn Of War 3 Starfort

Something fresh and new to the game. This is a huge space station that is quite different in architecture. The look strays away from the games common gothic theme.


Dawn Of War 3 Acheron

Acheron sports a world of hot and cold, where lava and ice are located. The devs call this “the most violent world”. This is an extreme world that still shines with an element of beauty.

Check out these environments in the video below:

Dawn of War 3 will launch sometime in 2017 and is available for PC.