Gamedec Upcoming Isometric Cyberpunk Role-Playing Game

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Gamedec is a game where the decisions that you make affect the whole world around you. Each decision made comes with consequences giving players an authentic RPG experience.

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Anshar Studios which is a Polish developer shared a cinematic trailer of the game which came with its official launch date.

Players will be stepping into the shoes of a detective that solves crimes in the virtual worlds. As a detective called a Gamedec, you have to be reclined and injected with different chemicals to sustain you. You will also be wearing a VR helmet that lets you “see, feel, smell and taste things that aren’t real.”

You have to interview witnesses, discover evil plans, and look for the links between the virtual world and the people that is in it. Each choice that you make will repeatedly make changes to the course of the game.

Gamedec is set to release on September 16, 2021 for PC.


Gamedec Aspects


Gamedec dialogue


What is Gamedec?


Gamedec offers an authentic RPG experience wherein which every decision that you make has an impact on the overall story. As you search for criminals in the virtual world, you will be presented with difficult choices each bearing consequences.

Experience a classic tabletop RPG that centers on character development using the choices that you make. There are different angles and no single solution to a problem, which gives you the freedom on how to get going in the game.


GAMEDEC – Official Cinematic Release Date Trailer



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