Gameplay Improvements Now Available In Upcoming For Honor Patch

February 19, 2017 at 9:24 PM in Gaming News with no comments

For Honor


In a recent Ubisoft announcement, new gameplay improvements are coming with the For Honor Patch. The improvements are based on player’s feedback said Ubisoft community developer Eric Pope. He further adds that their creative team has been actively listening to what the community has to say.

These are the changes expected in the upcoming For Honor patch:

  • Bots Replacing Players in Duel / Brawl / Elimination Game Modes: Players who took part during the Beta had concerns about Bots with full health replacing players who leave. The player will now be replaced with a dead Bot in the mentioned game modes.
  • Conqueror and Berserker: Can no longer combo into a free Guard Break if an opponent blocks a light attack from these heroes
  • Peacekeeper: Will fix bug where the 2nd and 3rd stabs from a guardbreak doesn’t apply bleed
  • Valkyrie: 
    • Light Attacks: Recovery time will be reduced
    • Light Chains: Time between attacks will be reduced
    • Pouncing Thrust & Hunter’s Strike: Damage and link options after these moves will be increased
    • Shield Crush: Link to Light Attack chains will be added
    • Hunter’s Rush: Recovery time will be reduced
  • Guardbreak Counter (All Heroes): You can’t currently counter a guardbreak during guardbreak attempt. This will be returned to the previous behavior like in the Beta

No date was mentioned as to when we will see these updates live. However, we will keep you informed as more updates come in.


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