Gamer Snacks: Better Snacking Habits for Better Gaming Performance

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Our best snacking guide for gamers could be a little bit intimidating at first but, if you weigh out the benefits, surely you would gladly make the change.

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Controller and Chips

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Of course, the best way to have energy for anything is to eat complete and healthy meals. However, a lot of us can’t live without having a snack, so we grab the nearest and most convenient thing around since we can’t leave our game. Taking that into consideration, here is our list of snack foods that will sure to level up your health and in turn your gaming performance.


Why should unhealthy snacks be avoided?

Junk food, burgers, instant noodles

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A whole lot of gamers would reach for junk food as their go-to snacks but in reality that doesn’t have any benefits. The only thing that it does is to say to your brain that you have fed yourself. But feeding yourself with empty calories would mean that you get hungry a lot faster, then stuff your mouth once again with the empty calories that lead to overeating. Also, your body is not getting the proper nutrients that it needs.

You may argue that gaming is not a physical sport, but the thinking part when playing can be tiring too. The metal fatigue that it brings has an impact on your health and your overall performance. In Redbull’s post, Samayan “BlinG” Kay, a retired Starcraft 2 pro player said, “There’s no question for me that a healthy lifestyle reduces fatigue and helps concentration levels. I definitely feel I’m more alert throughout the time I’m practicing and can stay that way for longer compared to times where I slip away from keeping active and start to binge out a bit.”


Rather than allowing yourself to go for that bag of Cheetos or that cup of instant noodles, try making the switch to healthy snacks, and watch what big difference it will make. According to the BEA website, Bora “YellOwStarR” Kim, a former LOL pro player from Fnatic said, “If you get hungry between meals, avoid sugary food and drink. Try water, fruits and vegetables instead”.


Best Healthy Snacks For Gaming



Frozen berries

Source: Nutritious Life

Instead of candies, you can opt to eat fruits. Some may think that biting into plain fruit could be boring but you can spice that up in a couple of ways like freezing berries or grapes. Having thin slices of apples that could be baked or not could replace chips. Have some kind of a dip like almond butter or yogurt. Fruits are high in vitamins and they also have natural sugar that can fulfill your sweet tooth as well as give you the nutrients that you need. Think Kirby and a single Maxim Tomato.


Nuts and Seeds

Bowl of nuts and seeds

Source: Mission

If you are still having cravings for chips after those apple slices, then you should eat walnuts, cashews, almonds and the like. Nuts have protein as well as some kind of crunch which could be satisfying. You can mix in seeds, dark chocolate, and even dried fruits. This could also be an alternative for cookies. Walnuts in particular have higher omega-3 fatty acids which benefit brain function as well as memory. You will need this when you play Rust.


Whole Grain Crackers or Pita Chips

Whole Grain Pita Chips

Source: SkinnyMS.

If you would want to inch away from chips, you can start with crackers. Pita chips and crackers are a healthier option and they are also available in the local supermarket. These don’t have lots of sugar which means you are fueled without the crashes that sugar brings. It would be nice though if the pita is homemade from scratch. I’m pretty sure people in your house would be happy to make that for you, if you say that you are training to become a pro.



Hummus and chips

Source: As Easy as Apple Pie


This incredible savory dip is a great alternative for the highly processed cheese ones you have in your pantry. This contains extra dietary fiber and nutrients which is a better gamer’s snack dip. If you are getting tired of the usual chickpea, there are avocado or pumpkin versions. You can make a big batch and store it in the fridge for a couple of days. Salsa would be a good one too but it’s not “glue” type so it could be a bit messy which is not ideal.




Source: freepik

For those of you who are not squeamish, and are feeling fancy, then sushi is a snack for you. If you wanted something more filling, think twice before grabbing those pizza rolls, and go for sushi. It has rice, veggies, and nori filled with vitamins and fiber. Those versions though with tempura and cream cheese are not the best, make sure to get those with only the freshest ingredients.


Beef Jerky

Beef Jerky

Source: Taste of Home

If you want meat, aside from sushi, here is the Jerky! You may not want to restrict yourself from meat with the non-meat options, the lean jerky is great for you. Also available are turkey and buffalo options, low-sodium, and low-sugar. Make sure to check the labels first. And, yeah, Slim Jim isn’t an option.

Out tasty snack list would keep you fueled and have you playing at your best as you try to finish the games on the Allkeyshop Game of the Year Award winners.

What are you planning to have with your new game?


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