Generous Ana Gives Out Halloween Treats In Overwatch

October 18, 2016 at 7:53 PM in Gaming News with no comments

Halloween Treats In Overwatch Cover

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Ana is definitely feeling the Halloween season with her great costume and is even giving out Halloween treats in Overwatch. One amazing Overwatch player and YouTuber named Escobario made a video on how Ana showers her enemies with candy.

This cute and funny gesture of Ana is one of Ana’s emotes. This came from Blizzard’s Halloween terror event that gave its players Halloween-themed loot boxes.

To do this, you must play as Ana and just use her new Halloween-themed emote in front of other players and you can shower them with candy!

Watch how Escobario plays as Ana and shares treats around:

All these is made possible by the Overwatch Halloween terror event that started on October 11 and will end on November 1. It offers Halloween-themed loot boxes that can contain skins, sprays, emotes, victory poses and so much more. Also, included in the Halloween terror event is the new PvP Brawl called Junkenstein’s Revenge. You will be able to keep all items from the Halloween event but the co-op PvE brawler will only be available during the scheduled event.



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