Get To Keep Your Games When You Change Drives, Here’s How!

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Planning to change hard drives and still want to keep your games? Here’s how to do it on different platforms.

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How To Move PC Games From One Hard Drive to Another


Do you want to upgrade your gaming rig or perhaps encountered a problem with your hard drive that would require you to change it, but you wouldn’t want to redownload and reinstall all the games again?

The process is quite time-consuming and a little frustrating.

However, there is a way that is a simple way to do this that doesn’t have to be annoying.


How To Change Installation Path and Folder On Steam?


Steam is one of the platforms that has been around for a very long time now. They are able to streamline changing installation paths and moving game’s folders with some easy steps.


Move a Game to a Different Drive on Steam:


1. On the top left corner of the app, click on Steam.

  how can i transfer my steam games to another folder?

2. Then go to the Settings

  how to move steam games to a new hard drive?

3. Go to Downloads then select Steam Library Folders

  move steam games without uninstalling them

4. You will be directed to the Storage Manager where you will get to see the installed SDDs and HDDs as well as the games.

  transfer Steam games to new folder easily 2021

5. Choose which game you would want to transfer and click on Move.

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6. Next, choose which Drive to move the game to from the drop-down menu then choose Select.

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7. You can click on the + to create a New Folder. You should also choose the Drive on the drop-down menu.


How to Move Games On Origin to a New Drive?


Here’s how you can move your EA games to another folder without the hassle of having to download it again.


How to Move Origin Games to a New Drive


1. Click on Origin on the top bar of your Origin app.


2. Go to the Application Settings

  how do i move Origin games to a new drive?

3. Then go to Installs & Saves


4. In the Game Library Location, choose Change Folder.

  how can I transfer my Origin games without reinstalling them

5. Select the HDD or SDD that you would want to transfer the games to.

  6. Right click, then choose New, then Folder   buy cheap Origin game keys

7. Name the new Folder then press Enter.


8. Close down the Origin app


9. Look for the original Origin installation folder


10. Right-click then select Cut.


11. Go to the newly created Origin game folder


12. Then right-click again then select Paste


13. Go to My Game Library when the copying is finished


14. Choose the game that you would want to move then select Download.


How to transfer Games on a New Drive on


It is also easy to transfer your Blizzard games to another hard drive and folder. Here are the steps.


How to Transfer Games to Another Hard Drive


1. First, open the app


2. Choose which game you would want to move.

  how do I move my games to a new hard drive?

3. Select the Options cog right next to Play, then go to Show in Explorer

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4. Then move the chosen game to the other folder in the new drive.

  Move the selected game to another folder on the new hard drive

5. Open the app once again


6. Go to the Options cog again the go-to Uninstall.


7. On the bottom left of the app click on Locate Game

  how to move games to new folder 2021

8. Look for the game’s new folder via the File Explorer.


How to move Installed Games on Epic to a New Folder?


The EPIC Games Store makes it very simple to move your games. Here are the steps.


How to Transfer Games on EPIC to a New HDD:


1. Look for the game that you would want to transfer in File Explorer (the default is C: Program Files Epic Games *name of the game*)


2. Copy and then Paste the game’s folder to the new location.


3. Open the EPIC app


4. Click on Library

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5. Look for the game and then click on the three dots that are at the bottom right side of the game.

  how do I transfer games on Epic to a new SSD?

6. Click on Uninstall

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7. After the game has been uninstalled, go to Install.

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8.  Browse for the game’s new folder location then click on Install.

  move games on Epic easily 2021

9. Wait until the game reaches 2-3% installation then click on the Cancel Install.


10. Transfer the copied folder from Step 2 to this new location.


11. Select Replace for any duplicate files.


12. Then resume the installation.


How to Move Ubisoft Games to a New Drive on Uplay?


When moving Ubisoft games, you don’t need to uninstall them. Just follow these steps.


How to move Uplay Games to Another Drive


1. Close Uplay


2. Look for the game that you want to transfer in File Explorer and then simply Copy and Paste it to the new location.


3. After copying the game, rename the original game folder to “Old


4. Open the Uplay app


5. Open the app, go to Games located on the top part of the screen.

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6. Go to the game that you have just moved and left-click

  how to transfer Uplay games to new drive 2021?

7. Go to Locate Installed Game.

  how do i move Uplay games to a new drive 2021?

8. Choose the new location for the game folder and then validate the files.


9. Go back to the renamed “Old” folder then delete.


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