Ghost Recon Wildlands Featuring Sam Fisher Ubisoft Teases!

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Ubisoft was able to tease about Ghost Recon Wildlands featuring Sam Fisher of Splinter Cell. Although a bit vague, the video does talk about Sam Fisher doing a collaboration with The Ghosts. This could be for the upcoming Special Operation mission for the Ghost Recon Wildlands.

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This announcement was teased through a video in the form of a transmission between “Paladin” and “Matchwood”. Paladin is voiced over by a female and Matchwood has the voice of Sam Fisher. Paladin is telling Matchwood that “Langley has sprung a leak and they need us to stick our thumb in it”. She further tells Matchwood to brush up on his Spanish because he is going to Bolivia. Matchwood replies with “I’ve got friends in the neighborhood. Call The Ghosts”. After this, a familiar silhouette appears!

Watch the quick trailer below:

More details about the Splinter Cell crossover will be available on Monday, April 19th and on April 10th will be the launch of the second season content for Ghost Recon Wildlands.

Tell us your thoughts about the Splinter Cell and Ghost Recon Wildlands crossover, are you excited to be playing Sam Fisher in the Wildlands? Do tell us in the comments below.

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