Goalkeepers Are The Focus of the FIFA 18 Update

October 6, 2017 at 10:37 PM in Gaming News with no comments

FIFA 18 Update


The most important improvements and fixes come with the first FIFA 18 update. This is a very crucial update for goalkeeping.

Numerous complaints have surfaced from players since the game launched and has been addressed in the FIFA 18 update. The complaints are mostly about being able to score easily in the game. It looks like the goalkeepers are not responsive enough when being controlled by the players. This gave the game an unrealistic feel because it resulted in sets that have too many goals. This has been finally fixed with the release of the FIFA 18 update.

  • Tuned goalkeeper reactions in certain situations.
  • Tuned down the difficulty for Amateur and Semi-Pro difficulties.
  • Reduced shot accuracy and slightly increased goalkeeper reaction times in certain in-game situations.

There are a lot of fixes that came with the FIFA 18 update. Check out the complete patch notes HERE.


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