God of War Studio Congratulated By Xbox Head!

April 13, 2018 at 11:39 PM in Gaming News with no comments
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Here’s a picker upper, the Xbox head sends his congratulations to the God of War Studio! You have read that correctly, Xbox Boss Phil Spencer posted on Twitter his congratulations to Sony Santa Monica for the amazing reviews of God of War.

Of course, Sony’s biggest competitor is Microsoft’s Xbox in consoles. And it is quite amazing that Spencer of Xbox is giving praise to Sony for their achievements. And for this, it is actually for Sony’s God of War reviews which actually looks like it will be something big for the franchise.

Santa Monica Studio and Shuhei Yoshida also took to Twitter to thank Spencer. This could mean the end of the console wars which Spencer describes as unproductive. If that is true perhaps we could now get a crossplay between the two platforms. That may not be the case but it is great news to see both sides getting along fine.


God of War was able to get perfect and almost perfect scores in their review from critics. Most of them have said that the latest entry in the long-running hack-and-slash series was able to reinvent itself while still having the aspects that made the game iconic. You can check out the review round-up for God of War here.

God of War launches exclusively for PlayStation 4 on April 20th.

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