Google Stadia Not The Future of Gaming | Here’s 5 Reasons Why

December 17, 2019 at 7:45 AM in Digital Download News with 1 comment
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Google Stadia launched over a month ago, it was supposed to revolutionalize the video game industry, but users find it a bit lacking. We’ve listed for you the major issues found in the service that makes us doubt the future of this video game streaming.



Above: Washington Post’s Gene Park demonstrates Stadia’s variable input lag.

The most important issue with the Stadia is latency and input lag. Although not everybody claims that they have a problem with this, there are, however, a lot who are experiencing delayed input recognition. A lot of games do rely on input timing, so if the streaming service is not able to cope, then even with a dedicated controller, players won’t be able to play their games properly.


When Google Stadia was announced, a dozen games had been promised. This angered would-be subscribers as 12 games don’t really cut it especially since most of them are old titles. Stadia tried to adjust by adding 10 more games making it a total of 22 games. This is still lacking if you will be comparing this to Microsoft’s xCloud service who is already supporting 50 games even though it is still in its beta phase.


Google Stadia Bandwidth

One of the selling points of the Google Stadia is that players are able to play in 4K without spending too much on hardware. But if you think about it, you will still need to spend a fortune with your internet. To play optimally in 4K, players need about 35 Mbps. Each hour playing in 4K can cost you around 20 GB of bandwidth. Having unlimited internet with your subscription will not be a problem but if you have a cap on your bandwidth then, you’ll surely use it up in just a few hours.


As previously mentioned the titles on Stadia are not relatively new. What’s disappointing about it is that it is still priced in full even though other places already have the game at the steep discount. If you thoroughly look at the prices on the service some are much more expensive at the streaming service as compared to other platforms. An example of this is the game Darksiders Genesis which is $10 more than compared to the price on Steam. If this is how they want to roll, players will surely leave the service for good.


Google Stadia Steam Connect

At the launch of Stadia, some exclusive features failed to make it on time. The features were promised back in March but had been a no show. An example is the ability to share unique game states through a link that will let YouTube viewers jump into your multiplayer session. Another thing that is missing is the ability to let other Stadia users interact with your gameplay via Stream Connect. Another thing that had been a problem is that several of the games do not support 4K 60 FPS.

And there you have it with the 5 most troublesome issues with the Google Stadia launch. There are indeed other problems too, like the poorly planned shipping schedule of pre-orders and also games that do not support native 4K. With all those problems it was very easy for people to nitpick on the service.

The issues mentioned though can be fixed over time. With all the problems that the service launched with, it is quite hard to believe that Stadia will be revolutionalizing gaming soon.

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